How to treat winter or dry lips. πŸ‘„


Suffering from dry, chapped lips? Stop stressing, I’ve come across a few DIY remedies that actually works and is inexpensive. Dry chapped lips can also be caused by dehydration, so remember to drink water throughout the day! 🍸


Olive Oil and Sugar 

An easy home remedy for your lips, mixing together a little olive oil with some granulated sugar, then scrubbing your lips with it is an easy exfoliation technique. Remember instead of olive oil, you’re welcome to use honey! 🍯

Toothbrush and Vaseline
Another easy and inexpensive way to remove dry skin from your lips, is by layering your lips with Vaseline and taking a toothbrush (a new one that will be used ONLY for this purpose) and gently rubbing the dry skin off. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer and contains anti-inflammatory properties which help to heal the pain by soothing it. It also moisturizers the lips. 

  • Take a fresh aloe leaf and squeeze it to extract its gel.
  • Then take a small amount of aloe gel and apply it on your chapped lips
  • Leave it on like this until it gets dry and then wash it off.
  • Repeat regularly to get relief from the chapped lips.
Another great tip is tea tree lip balm. This works wonders especially if you suffer from the above or from winter lips. 


Salmaa πŸ’‹
Image credits: Google. 


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