Winter wears… πŸ‘ 

So in South Africa we heading for winter, which usually starts around May, which means it’s already started! 

It gets really really cold in June/July, where we are prone to get the flu. And usually I get super lazy in winter, I guess it’s the cold that makes you want to stay in bed all day and do nothing! 

I might not follow fashion to the tee, as I feel no mater what you wear, as long as you feel comfortable and confident, you can work any outfit you plan to wear. 

Here are my favorite choices that I love wearing in winter: 

β€’A trenchcoat

β€’knee high boots

β€’Velvet pants 

β€’A body hugging knit top with leggings! 

I’m not really a fan of jeans and prefer wearing leggings, it’s more comfy! 

If you plan on going to work, or a function you can dress up and swap your boots to high heels, as well as doing a black smokey eye. And if it’s a party.. add some glitter to your eyes. 😘 
I feel like the above choices never go out of style either way.. πŸ˜‹

What are some of your winter wear choices?  


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