Brushes! And their uses..Β 

Hi ladies… 

Do you have a huge set of different types of brushes? It can get confusing, as to what each of them are used for. 

Below I’ve found a pic of the uses for different brushes, just so that it can make your life easier, especially if you are a beginner to make up. It can become abit too overwhelming. 

Up until today I still learn new ways to use different brushes. 

My favourite brush this far would be the angled blush brush. This brush is honestly heaven! I promise to blog my own inglot brushes, which I absolutely LOVE! Seriously as soon as the exam rush is over.. πŸ˜“ 

Hope this helps! I try and blog as soon as I find exciting posts that have helped me in someway. 🌟 

image credits- buzzfeed

Love to all! 


Salmaa πŸ’‹ 


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