Creative Glamour swatches. πŸŽ¨

Hi ladies!! I recently bought this new brand, Creative Glamour, from a friend of mine, I am absolutely obsessed with how well pigmented these eyeshadows are! I promise to do an eye makeup tutorial with these colours soon! I’ve done some swatches on two different skin tones so that you can see how amazing these colours look, and how it compliments almost any skin tone. 

Picture number 1 is the swatches of the 4 different colours that I chose to buy. They are all shimmer eyeshadows! 🌟 

Picture number 2, to the left – is a shimmer that can be used on the eye or on the cheeks as a highlighter, or to give a glow on the skin. I’m really impressed with this! 

Picture number 2, to the right- is a glitter, that is applied to the eyes over an eyeshadow and can also be used on the whole eye, depending on the occasion. I love it! It gives the eye a VERY bold look, and I would most probably use it for a bridal shower or a party. 

This brand is available is South Africa, and hopefully in time can be purchased worldwide. I paid R190 for the 4 colour palette, R95 the shimmer pot and the glitter was R22. This was an absolute bargain, for the quality you get with this brand! 

What do you ladies think? 




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