Midnight Blue Smokey Eye πŸ’™

Hi all! So I did a quick smokey eye today! I used the creative glamour pallete which I did a review on a few days ago.. 

I added the shimmer pot named cappuccino in the middle. I used the colour ‘Nite Storm’ at the end and the colour ‘Candy Floss’ on the inner eye. 

I added a black liner over it. A very thin line. 

And mascara by MUD. 

The eyeshadows can be bought separately for R43 from Allure makeup. I love love them 😍 they are very well pigmented and have a great shine! 

The mascara can be bought from MUD. It gives a great false lash look. 

The eyeliner used on top can be bought from Catrice

This is an easy eye that can literally take you 5 minutes. You can do this eye for night functions or parties, by adding a touch of glitter to it! ✨

What do you all think? Let me know. 



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