MAC ‘Cheeky Bronze’Β 

hi ladies! Today I’m going to do a review on the new MAC blush/bronzer I bought. 
It works as a highlighter, blush, and bronzer. I personally think it will look great on any colour skin. 
On a more tanned skin colour, you can see it very lightly. I haven’t tried it on a fairer skin tone, but I think the pink/bronze would show much more. 
On the MAC website you would find it under the mineralize skin finish. It goes for about R350.00. (South African price) 
It’s very high in shine and colour! I would definitely recommend it if you looking for a bronze look on your cheeks! 
I would personally use this as a blush πŸ˜€
‘Global glow’ is another one of these, just in a different shade,  however it’s much more of a highlighter to be used again on the cheeks and any other part of the face that needs to be highlighted. It can also be used for strobing! 


Image Credits- MAC website
Another colour I had a look was ‘Gold Deposit’, it’s a much much more deeper orange colour, this would work well with darker skin tones, I wouldn’t personally use it on myself. I find it to be too dark, too shiny and too much for my skin tone. 


Image Credits- MAC Website
Have any of you tried any of these colours? 

Were you happy with your purchase? 

What do you think of this specific colour? 

Comment below 😘
Lotsa love,

Salmaa πŸ’‹


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