A Dose Of Purple

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And so it is, I’m sort of obsessed with the fact that purple goes with just about any type of skin tone! Depending on what colour purple you plan on using. 
💜💜💜       💜💜💜     💜💜💜        ðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œ

I did the above eye in 3mins, I went with silver in the tear duct, to make the eye look abit bigger, light purple thereafter till just about the middle. And I went with a darker purple in the end of the eye mixed with a bit of black to darken it abit. 

Finished off with a black line 😎

This would be more for a day function, you can finish off with pink/coral cheeks and a pink lip and gloss.. It’s probably one of the easiest eye you can do in a hurry, including using other colours like gold-bronze etc. depending on the outfit you plan on wearing. 
For those who are in professional environment, for example a lawyer, accountant or banker. You can always go with a quick silver-black smokey or gold-black smokey eye. 
For those makeup artists who work all day, ANY colour can be worn on the eyes, this also helps other people decide whether or not they could pull of the look you have on. 
Have any questions about the colours you plan to wear? And whether or not you could pull it off? Leave a comment below and I will be sure to help you out. 😚😚
Love Always, 

Salmaa 💋


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