My Dupe Sigma Brushes. 💅🏻


All rights to this image reserved to shadesofbeautyza
Hi Ladies! Today I’m going to do a review on a set of brushes I’ve purchased, they’re exactly like the sigma brushes, it just doesn’t have the sigma name to it. 😛 
It came in a set of 10 as you can see in my above picture, 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes. 
These brushes come in a number of colours, but since I love pink, I chose the gold and pink ones. 
I’m really impressed with the texture of these brushes, the handle seems very firm, I will comment on the hairs once I’ve started using them, although I must say they feel super soft! These brushes are very pretty and a perfect size to handle as well. 
I’ll be reviewing the 5 face brushes below and explain to you what they’re used for. 


All rights to this image reserved to shadesofbeautyza

• Brush 1- Angled Kabuki Brush ~ this is used mostly for applying blush or contouring. 
• Brush 2- Tapered Brush ~ this works well with liquid foundation, especially applying around the eyes and corners that a flat brush won’t reach. 

• Brush 3- Flat Kabuki Brush ~ this works well as a stippling brush, to really get your foundation blended in well. 

• Brush 4- Rounded Kabuki Brush ~ this is used for applying liquid foundations, BB creams, etc. 

• Brush 5- Flat Angled Brush ~ this is great for the use of contouring because it has that flat angled  hairs which assist one in making a perfect line, and can also be used in certain other areas.

😘  ✨ 😘 ✨ 😘 ✨ 😘 ✨ 😘 ✨ 😘 ✨ 😘 

What do you ladies think? Has this helped you understand your brushes better? Would you like to see a review on the 5 eye brushes of this set? 

I would love your feedback! 
Lotsa love, 

Salmaa 💋


17 thoughts on “My Dupe Sigma Brushes. 💅🏻

  1. Great explanations! This set looks really nice! Though I have a couple of brushes that are Sonia Kashuk and I just don’t know what they’re used for lol. They’re so different looking. I think I will need to do some research lol. 🙂 xo

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