LA Girl Matte Lipsticks πŸ’„πŸ’‹

Hi ladies so as you know, there’s an LA girl hype around us South African bloggers. The LA girl matte lipsticks as well as the blushes have finally reached our shores, after months of waiting. 
As soon as I found out, I rushed to Dischem to get my hands on these products which aren’t badly priced at all. The quality of LA girl cosmetics are amazing, they are rated as one of the best on my list. I have plenty of their products and none of them have disappointed me, ever. 
So today I decided to do a review on the matte lipsticks. 
I bought 4 colours, out of the 16 that you can choose from. 
They go for R59.99 ($4.55) each, and Dischem is having a really cool sale where you buy 2 and get the cheapest free, this is an extra bargain for us all ☺️. 
I found that with this product, it’s highly pigmented, it comes on as a gloss so you have a few minutes before it dries to your lip, as it’s in the process of drying, it has a very tacky feeling and I found that even after it has dried it feels very sticky on the lip, but I must give due to the fact that it lasts all day. You MIGHT need a touch up, but I certainly didn’t. 
I also realized if you apply a lip balm over the layer of lipstick, the stickiness disappears, but then the colour also tends to fade much quicker. 
So like any other product, there are pros and cons which you’ve just read. However I find the LA girl range to be amazing, it’s a great product at fantastic prices, it works equally as well as many high end products. 
I hope this review helps you decide whether or not to buy these products. I would certainly recommend it! The colours are gorgeous and you can play with them, creating a colour of your own choice. 
NB- please be warned that when trying to remove the lipstick, be gentle as it has a really tough hold on the lips. 
Would you like to know my take on the blush beauty bricks


Let me know if you have any other questions or queries. 


In my picture below, these are the ones I have, ranging from left to right. Dreamy, Rebel, Bazaar & Obsess. Followed by the swatches which have already dried and as you can see they absolutely stunning colours, but extremely difficult to remove. 

                             πŸ’ πŸ’ πŸ’ 

All rights to this image reserved to shadesofbeauty


Salmaa. πŸ’‹


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