Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick πŸ‘„

Hello all, super excited to warmer days ahead. Winter is finally over πŸ˜€. 
Today I’m going to do lip swatches on the fantastic brand, Stila. My new favorite lipsticks. 
They are highly pigmented and are a pleasure to use, they come on as a gloss and dry a matte finish which is great because I don’t have to keep re-applying during the day, however I have realized that when I eat something it tends to fade slightly in the middle of my lip, but I touch up which is better than re-applying to the full lip. 

The colours are beautiful and are extremely difficult to find here in South Africa. They go for R245.00 each which is approximately $24 and Β£12.04. They are quite highly priced, but i would say it’s well worth it. 

I bought the colours Beso and Aria. 
Beso is the most gorgeous red I have ever come across, it’s literally my new obsession when it comes to red lipsticks. 
Aria is more of a deep plum colour, i would say it’s more of a winter colour but can work fabulously during summer days. 

Both these colours are very loud, and aren’t made for those who prefer the more neutral shades, however for those of you that like the neutrals, you can try – Dolce, Patina or Bellissima. These shades are gorgeous too. 

I have also tested Fiery and Tesoro. Both stunning colours, fiery is more of a deeper red which works great for certain people and Tesoro is more a brighter red. 

The two shades below are mine in the colours- Beso and Aria. 


All rights to this image reserved to shadesofbeauty

Would you wear these colours? Or are they too daring for you? 

Il be waiting to hear from you all πŸ’‹



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