Pop Of Colour šŸ’„

Hi All šŸ˜˜ 
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, Monday always means back to reality, which also means that your road to success is much closer. šŸ˜‰ 
Today I decided to play around with some colour, not sure if anyone would go for a very colourful eye like this, however it was just to take my mind off all the studying and assignments that I have to do. 
Colour also reminds one that spring is finally here, and it’s time to pack away all the dull clothing, and take out all the bright, colorful clothing.
I went with a blue, gold and pinkish blended into the middle of the eye. The blue went into the V-cut of the eye which makes it seem like a smokey. The gold brightens the whole eye out, giving it some colour when mixed with the pink in the middle. I finished off with a blue liner, instead of the usual black line and some mascara of course. 
I would say this look could work for a party, but not for an average working day. 
It could also work for people who wear Eastern outfits because of the variety of colours the outfits have. 
I personally love this blue, it’s a favourite of mine because it could work very lightly onto the eye or it can go as loud as making a blue-black smokey eye. 
What do you all think? Would you go for a look like this or not? 
Let me know below in comments! 
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All rights to this image reserved to shadesofbeautyza


Salmaa šŸ˜˜ 


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