Holiday Essentials 👙👒

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Hi All! 
So it’s that time of the year, where everyone is traveling, be it in and around your country or traveling to another country. It’s December! And the long awaited holiday fever has finally hit us all. ☀️ 

Do you find packing to be a huge problem? Isn’t it so difficult to decide what to take with and what to leave behind? 
Today I’ve decided to pin point what you NEED to take with on a holiday, hopefully helping you make up your mind about the unnecessary stuff that seriously need to be left behind. 
To make life easier, always make a list and tick off as you fill your suitcase. 
* Rule Number 1- DO NOT take your whole shoe wardrobe with, all you need is 1 pump/flat shoe, and maybe a training shoe if you plan on hiking or sightseeing, and if really necessary then maybe a heel for a dinner night. 
* When it comes to bulky items, try and get it as small as you can, by rolling it up neatly.
* T-shirt’s can be wrapped into the pants that will be worn with it. 
* Remember that all you need to take with is a few t-shirt’s with 3 or 4 pants that you can mix and match. Most of us have the habit of buying a whole new wardrobe, especially when one is holidaying overseas, and if we over pack when going, there won’t be any space when coming back! 
* All small delicate items, should be packed in between your clothing so that it has maximum support.
* Pajamas, stick to a maximum of two, it can always be washed
* Same goes with swimwear, only take a maximum of two which can be washed and swapped on either day. 
* Underwear can be taken to its maximum capacity as it fits perfectly into those small compartments found in the luggage. 
– What to take in your makeup/essentials   bag: 

1. Ensure that you have small plastic bottles with any shampoos etc. that you need. 

2. Take only one eyeliner, a mascara, and a small blush with one or two lipsticks. This would be for an easy everyday makeup look. 

3. Remember most airports have restrictions when it comes to bottles of perfume. Make sure to take your smallest perfume you have.  

4. Last but not least, SUNSCREEN is a huge must!!! ❗️
– What medications to take? 

1. It’s crucial to take an antibiotic that can be used for a flu or a tummy bug which are popular in mostly tropical countries. 

2. Make sure to take any allergy medications that you need so that you won’t have trouble with sinuses or a running nose  

3. The most crucial one of them all is something for fever, it’s extremely important especially if you are traveling with children.

4. Suppositories are a huge help to kids, and breaks the fever almost instantly, and also works for nausea. 

5. Any other medications that have been prescribed by your local GP. 
For the rest of it, ladies do not forget to roll up your hair iron and pack it between your clothing, there’s no need for a hairdryer as almost every hotel caters for it.

Now sit back, and relax your holiday. ☀️👒👙


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