Express brush cleaning glove πŸ‘‹

Hi All.. 

Today I’m doing a review on this lovely product that I came across when shopping at

Image belongs to shadesofbeauty

This has made my life so much easier when it comes to cleaning brushes! It’s simple and so convenient as it can be taken anywhere, so this works great if you are a makeup artist or just someone who travels with almost their whole makeup kit. 
The fit is perfect and very comfortable, and speeds up the brush cleaning process. It’s a very soft glove, which has different bristles for different brush sizes on either side, and I was able to wash a maximum of 3 brushes at a time and they were cleaned within minutes. 

Image belongs to shadesofbeauty

For the price of R150.00 (South African Rands), which is approximately $9,32 – it’s a bargain! 
This product is the exact dupe of the Sigma Spa brush cleaning glove that goes for $39 which is R627,60 which makes the one from Swiitch a quarter of the price. πŸ™Š 

I would highly recommend this. 😍 shop now at


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