Hi Everyone 😌

Hi all! I’m so sorry for not posting in all these months, it’s been super hectic. However I do have a review for you all that I did today 😘 

Here goes……..

So I came across this amazing #swiitchmix and thought that I had to buy one! What attracted me towards this product is that the size is absolutely perfect and it’s extremely versatile. As you see in the below image, when I hold the bottom part, it fits almost perfectly into my hand which works wonders, so instead of leaving the house with foundation, lipstick and colour corrector marks all over my hands, this spares me that extra time and also saving me all the looks people give me as if I’ve just finished an art project of some sort πŸ˜‚. I also found that this product fits into my makeup kit without taking much space, in fact I usually put my contour comet between the #SwiitchMix and add it to my kit. I would recommend this to any of you who leave the house in a rush with realizing later on that your favorite white shirts are marked in foundation and hundreds of other colours, not withstanding all the makeup artists out there, in fact I recommend this to ALL of you ❀️  

I purchased this on Swiitchbeauty which is a South African online store! 

this image belongs to shadesofbeautyza
Love ❀️



Fairy Dust Eyes βœ¨πŸ‘ΌπŸ»

Hi Ladies…  

Here’s an eye I did today.. I went with very subtle colours on the eye, as I wanted to achieve the whole fairy colour look. I used all shimmers from my LA Girl palettes; namely ultra, and neons 😍. I love these palettes as you know the nude palette is generally compared to the naked urban decay palette. 
However when I found out that the LA Girl brand was going on sale, and I compared prices it worked out exceptionally cheap! It’s a great buy for anyone who’s looking to start out in makeup. (Beginners) 
I didn’t finish the eye off with a black line though. I quickly experimented on my gorgeous client and these were the fabulous results that I achieved. 

What do you all think? Would you try this look? 


Salmaa πŸ’‹