2018 – New Year – New Opportunities. πŸ’•

Welcome to my blog and happy Valentine’s Day! ❀️

I finally have time to breathe as I will be graduating this year. 

So anyway – let’s jump right into the make up look that will always work!

Those who are celebrating Valentine’s Day and plan on going for a supper, could do this look and end off with a bright red lipstick. 
I prefer matte lipsticks as it tends to stay on much longer! 

What do you think? Would you do this look? 


Every Eye Has A Silver Lining πŸ’‹

Hello lovely people. πŸ˜€
Not sure about other countries, but here in South Africa we are now at the hardest part of the year, exams and studying which lasts all day and for those who can manage, it lasts practically the whole night too. πŸ“šπŸ˜

Today I’m going to do a review on the makeup I did a weekend ago. Very simple yet elegant! πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ

Since it was a night function and the dress was kind of silver, I opted for a subtle black and silver smokey eye and then included a bold red lip to finish off…

All rights to this image is reserved to shadesofbeauty

Products I used- 
β€’MAC studio fix in NC35
β€’LA Girl beauty brick blush in the Glow palette 
β€’Stila all day liquid lipstick 
β€’Flormar rotating mascara
β€’Flormar liquid liner pen. 
β€’Eyeshadows- I mixed some of my MAC as well as another eyeshadow palette I got from dubai. 

This beauty didn’t need anything extra, not even lashes. She’s a natural, the makeup just enhanced her stunning features. 😘 

It’s always a pleasure to work with sweet clients who put their full trust into your hands. ❀️
πŸ’₯ What do you all think? πŸ’₯
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Tons of love, 

Salmaa ❀️

Wedding Makeup πŸ’™

Hi All! 😁 
So it’s been a hectic week, I’ve been celebrating Eid, and went to a small town where I didn’t have any wifi to post or to check posts. So that explains why I’ve been so MIA. 
I then came back and had to attend a function the next day. So I took my time and did my makeup and dressed for the occasion. 

South Africa is really beautiful around this time, it’s pretty hot and sometimes if we’re lucky, it rains so we can cool off! 
Moving along to my makeup. I did a blue and gold smokey eye which matched my clothing. I don’t usually go dark on my eyes because my eyes are really small. 

For the above look, I used-

  • MAC studio sculpt foundation in NC42
  • For the blue eyeshadow I used the creative glamour shimmer palette. 
  • For the gold I used the graftobian mini luster shimmer pot. 
  • I then used the Flormar black liner to finish off my look. 
  • I used the Flormar rotating mascara. 
  • I also used the LA girl blush bricks as a blusher which you won’t be able to see in the above picture. 

All these products are available online, however if you would like to know where else they are available,  Drop a comment below and I will be sure to give you all the details. 
In order to achieve the very angled cat eye look, you can use tape, that’s how I do it or you could invest in some shadow shields, I can’t really comment on the shadow shields as I haven’t tried it out yet, but I can confirm that using tape is a much cheaper alternative which works wonders. 
What do you think of this look? 
Let me know if you have any questions or queries. 

Salmaa πŸ’‹

The Body Shops Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome πŸ

Hello everyone 😁 

All rights to this image reserved to shadesofbeauty
Today I’m gonna do a review on the honey bronze domes that I purchased from The Body Shop. It comes in 3 highlighting shades, Golden, Pink and Bronze. 

If you do not enjoy creamy blushes, this product is not for you. It’s not as easy as just dipping your brush in and applying it to the face. With these, you have to take it and apply directly to the face and the best part is that they are so rich in colour! 

They are tiny little domes, which helps with having a firmer grip when applying it. 
I find this product to be extremely pigmented. The golden highlighter is stunning, but the pink highlighter is a win for me! It has a golden-pink tone to it and is extremely beautiful 😍 one can only fully appreciate it when it’s on the skin. 

I didn’t buy the bronze colour because I don’t use much bronzer on myself but for those of you who like bronzers, this is your go to product! It would be perfect for contouring as you can apply it in a straight line to the face. 

I applied the golden colour over a blush I had on, it blended it quite well, although I had to mix it in a bit with my finger. 

I would recommend this product if you enjoy using creamy blushes, highlighters or bronzers. 

The colours are beautiful, the product is extremely pigmented and the shine it gives is amazing. I find that the pink colour can definitely be used as a blush, because of the pinkish tone, although the gold shines at night which is a bonus for us all.

This product is also very tiny and versatile and can easily fit into your handbag or makeup kit. 

It stays on all day when applied in the morning without having to set it, and it seriously doesn’t lose its colour! It’s great for a party at night, or busy days at the office. 

It goes for R150 at The Body Shop, and it will last you ages as you don’t need to apply an excess. 

Below I’ve taken pictures with the flash, and without in order to see the difference. 

All rights to this image reserved to shadesofbeauty

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Wishing a fabulous weekend to everyone of you πŸƒπŸŒΈπŸƒ

Salmaa πŸ’‹

Pop Of Colour πŸ’₯

Hi All 😘 
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, Monday always means back to reality, which also means that your road to success is much closer. πŸ˜‰ 
Today I decided to play around with some colour, not sure if anyone would go for a very colourful eye like this, however it was just to take my mind off all the studying and assignments that I have to do. 
Colour also reminds one that spring is finally here, and it’s time to pack away all the dull clothing, and take out all the bright, colorful clothing.
I went with a blue, gold and pinkish blended into the middle of the eye. The blue went into the V-cut of the eye which makes it seem like a smokey. The gold brightens the whole eye out, giving it some colour when mixed with the pink in the middle. I finished off with a blue liner, instead of the usual black line and some mascara of course. 
I would say this look could work for a party, but not for an average working day. 
It could also work for people who wear Eastern outfits because of the variety of colours the outfits have. 
I personally love this blue, it’s a favourite of mine because it could work very lightly onto the eye or it can go as loud as making a blue-black smokey eye. 
What do you all think? Would you go for a look like this or not? 
Let me know below in comments! 
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Salmaa 😘 

LA Girl Matte Lipsticks πŸ’„πŸ’‹

Hi ladies so as you know, there’s an LA girl hype around us South African bloggers. The LA girl matte lipsticks as well as the blushes have finally reached our shores, after months of waiting. 
As soon as I found out, I rushed to Dischem to get my hands on these products which aren’t badly priced at all. The quality of LA girl cosmetics are amazing, they are rated as one of the best on my list. I have plenty of their products and none of them have disappointed me, ever. 
So today I decided to do a review on the matte lipsticks. 
I bought 4 colours, out of the 16 that you can choose from. 
They go for R59.99 ($4.55) each, and Dischem is having a really cool sale where you buy 2 and get the cheapest free, this is an extra bargain for us all ☺️. 
I found that with this product, it’s highly pigmented, it comes on as a gloss so you have a few minutes before it dries to your lip, as it’s in the process of drying, it has a very tacky feeling and I found that even after it has dried it feels very sticky on the lip, but I must give due to the fact that it lasts all day. You MIGHT need a touch up, but I certainly didn’t. 
I also realized if you apply a lip balm over the layer of lipstick, the stickiness disappears, but then the colour also tends to fade much quicker. 
So like any other product, there are pros and cons which you’ve just read. However I find the LA girl range to be amazing, it’s a great product at fantastic prices, it works equally as well as many high end products. 
I hope this review helps you decide whether or not to buy these products. I would certainly recommend it! The colours are gorgeous and you can play with them, creating a colour of your own choice. 
NB- please be warned that when trying to remove the lipstick, be gentle as it has a really tough hold on the lips. 
Would you like to know my take on the blush beauty bricks


Let me know if you have any other questions or queries. 


In my picture below, these are the ones I have, ranging from left to right. Dreamy, Rebel, Bazaar & Obsess. Followed by the swatches which have already dried and as you can see they absolutely stunning colours, but extremely difficult to remove. 

                             πŸ’ πŸ’ πŸ’ 

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Salmaa. πŸ’‹

Healthy Hair Guide πŸ’‡πŸ»


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Hi all.. Today I’m going to give you tips on how to keep your hair healthy, even if it’s coloured like mine in the above picture. πŸ‘†πŸ»
When I just started my teen years, I went and added highlights to my hair. And I couldn’t wait to grow it out because I disliked it. However a few years ago, I had taken another chance, and added highlights to my hair once again.. Only this time, I LOVED it. I went blonde, as I have brown hair, it complimented the look by adding a bit of colour. 

However in the pic above, I went and changed my full colour with adding golden streaks to it, giving it a very natural look as you can see. 
It’s easy to maintain it, this is all I do to keep it healthy- 

β€’ Wash your hair, regularly, not forgetting to condition it, remember when you condition your hair, it softens your hair and it makes it much easier to comb through avoiding split ends. 

β€’ Visit your hairdresser, I would say every 3 months, only if you can. 

β€’ Make sure you trim your hair! This is very important, this is what makes your hair grow much more healthier. 

β€’ Use a hair mask, just like your body needs nourishing, your hair needs it as well. 

β€’ Massage your scalp in a circular motion, this helps your scalp to detoxify. 

β€’ Use a shampoo that agrees with your hair, and if you plan on growing your hair, try a shampoo that has castor oil in it. 

β€’ If you iron your hair everyday, make sure you use serum that protects the hair against the harsh heat. 

β€’ Use argan or morrocan oil, this helps your hair stay healthy and gives it a soft, sleek feel. 
These are the few steps I live by. 😌 simple and yet the results will leave you in awe πŸ˜€
Hope this helps! 

Salmaa πŸ’‹